Monday, October 5, 2009

Pepperoncini Brined Pork Steaks

The Captain and I love pepperoncini. We go through about a quart a week, We eat them for snacks and slice them up for salads. I also like to brine my pork (and sometimes chicken) so one day I thought to myself “what would be more brilliant than to brine a couple of pork steaks in some of the pepperoncini juice that I throw away every week?" I figured the juice would have all the salt and heat that it would require to make my pork steaks juicy and spicy.
So, I marinate 2 porksteaks overnight in the leftover pepperoncini brine. (No comments about what the brine looks like. I know, And gross.)

The next morning, the pork steaks were looking like some kind of pork ceviche with the outside looking almost cooked by the brine. Yuk. Oh well, I’m just experimenting anyway. I’m pretty sure none of this will kill me.

Then, when I am ready to grill, I season the steaks with seasoned salt and pepper and put them over direct heat until they look kind of cooked. Then move over to indirect heat to melt the fat and tenderize the meat. I like to take my time and drink a glass of wine or two while I let the meat get nice and tender. It usually takes about an hour or so until they are ready for the sauce.

My sauce is a mix of Maull’s and El Yucateco with a chile mixed in.

What can I say? We like hot stuff.

Brush on the steaks and let the heat cook the sauce slightly. A couple minutes and they are done.

The finished product photograped with a can of Stag, because according to The Captain, "no barbecue is complete without a Stag."

Well, for a while, it didn’t look like they would be good, but they were awesome. The next morning, The Captain said, “I’m still thinking about those pork steaks.” So, I’ve decided I can stand the ooky way they look for the first 24, since it yields a pretty darn good pork steak.


  1. So it was good? I love pork steak and Pepperoncini.


  2. Yeah it was really good. It just doesn't look pleasant for while.