Monday, October 19, 2009

BSC Part 2: Crazy Jar Lady

This is another moment when I realize what I am about to type will most likely come off as completely crazy, but I feel compelled to share this with everyone anyway.

I'll spare you all the exciting details of why and how I recycle. Its not that interesting to be honest. But I will tell you that last spring I made an announcement to The Captain. I said, "Remember this day. 40 years from now, when they are digging me and my 80 cats out of the trash heap that has become my home, know that today was the day it all started." That was the day I started collecting jars. Well, not really collecting jars, but stripping the labels off them with mineral spirits, washing them, and saving them to use for other purposes. I figure reusing pefectly good jars will keep me from using some disposable plastics - keeping those plastics out of the landfills, the oceans, and little birds' bellies. My Grandma Millie would be so proud. :)

Anyhoo this pickle jar is a nice place to store some m&m's from a bag that I really was not trying to open.

This peanut butter jar makes a nice home for bacon grease. (I wait until its cool before I add it to the glass jar.)

I love this little guy for making salad dressings.

An old pepperoncini jar (I have LOTS of these) is a great vessel for beans that I use when I blind bake pie crusts.

Hmm. Seems like a lot of my jars are used to hold candy. That's all right by me.

(Really, its not as scary as it seems, we don't buy a lot of things that come in jars. The jars I do have are neatly bagged up in the basement. The Captains OCD is a nice balance for my insanity.)


  1. Tom broke me of this habit when we started living together. I think I might bring it back. My grandparents did it because they lived on a farm and there was NO trash pick-up. They have like 2 bags of trash per month for Poppy to take to the dump.

    Where do you get jars of pepperoncini that size? I can only ever find the little ones and I eat those things like candy.

  2. One of the Italian grocery stores on The Hill makes them. Viviano's. They sell them at their store and also at the Schnucks on the Hill. But only the Schnucks on the Hill. Believe this or not, they actually have an even bigger jar thats like restaurant sized, but I didn't want to deal with a jar that big taking up space in the fridge.

  3. Grandma is looking down saying yes thats my Shellie.

  4. Grandmas the only one who got away with calling me that. :)

  5. It must be Grandma Millie then.