Monday, October 12, 2009

Leftover Risotto? Make Arancini.

Leftovers are usually never as good at the original meal. The notable exception, which, in my opinion is better than its first incarnation, is the rice ball: arancini.

Seriously, a little crunchy shell that gives way to warm, creamy goodness? Too good, really.
The biggest problem with arancini is that there is never leftover risotto. If there is, it usually gets eaten by lunch the next day. We love it, perhaps, too much.

Start with the cold risotto.

Crack and beat an egg in one bowl, and put seasoned breadcrumbs in another. (I love DiGregorio's seasoned bread crumbs.) Using a tablespoon, scoop out a chunk of risotto.
Roll into a ball shape. I find it easiest to roll out all the rice balls at the same time.

Pick up risotto ball using your left hand. Dunk in egg. Make sure it gets entirely coated. Pick it back up with your left hand and ...

Drop it in the breadcrumbs. Now, using your right hand, cover the ball with breadcrumbs. Roll it around a bit. Pick up with right hand and place on a plate. The old two handed breading method will keep your hands from getting all gooped up. Repeat with the rest of the rice balls.

I fry them up in canola oil on medium high heat in the smallest non-stick I have (again) because I hate wasting oil.

Drain them and give em a few grates of parmigiano reggiano.

Some people stuff em with ground meat or little cubes of cheese, but I think they are fantastic just plain and simple.

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