Thursday, July 14, 2011


I have this motto: "Anything worth doing is worth overdoing to the point of excess and near annoyance." Okay, that's not really my motto, but I am kind of feeling like I may have taken a simple comment from The Captain ("I really like it when you make pickles") and run a little to far with it. I just did the math and it appears that I planted 48 cucumber plants. For 2 people. Now add that to the cucumbers that I am getting in a farm share and we have a downright cucumber situation on our hands.

Here's one of my cute little cucumber trellises. The cucumber plants are so thick on it that it's like going into the jungle when I go in to search for cukes.

The trellises are loaded with cucumber flowers and cucumbers in various stages of development.

The crisper in the fridge with some of the cucumbers I picked yesterday (and a couple of farm share cukes.) Every day I attempt to find a way to use these thing up. Here's what I have been doing.

Of course, I have been making batches of the old standby: the cucumber salad. I'm getting lazy in my old age and have been using bottled dressing instead of making my own.

Pickles! The only good way I know to preserve cucumbers. So far I am at 7 quarts and 14 pints. I'm getting pretty good at knocking out a batch of pickles in record time.

Cucumber-mint water. Oh so hydrating.

Cucumber soda. I pureed 3 cucumbers, 2 limes (with peel and pith removed), a couple sprigs of mint and some honey in the food processor. After straining it overnight, I mixed it with some ice and seltzer water. Surprisingly good. (Based on a recipe out of Everyday Food. I don't remember which month. I'm totally behind in my magazines.)

And ta da: batches of cucumber infused tequila and gin. Based on the advice from the guys at work, I let the cut up cucumbers sit in the spirits for 36 hours, strained and rebottled them.

What to do with cucumber infused tequila? I made Matt Seiter's recipe for Summer's Blush which was Imbibe Magazine's Drink of the Week last summer. A little bit of tequila, St. Germain, some lime juice, rose water and Peychaud's bitters. It's sublime.

I also threw some of that cucumber booze in some watermelon juice (from a pureed and strained watermelon) and some lemonade and made boozy rocket pops. Lemon on the outside with a watermelon center.

It's worth noting that I gave a neighbor a couple of cucumbers and he ended up dropping off a four pack of home brewed stout. Yay for cucumbers!

My goal is to not let any of these babies go to waste. Anybody out there have any must try cucumber recipes?