Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chicken and Artichoke Pizza

When I lived in Brentwood, I used to order chicken and artichoke pizza from Corwin's every Monday night and chow down while watching The Real World Road Rules Challenge. I no longer live in Brentwood, Corwin's moved and eventually closed, and I wouldn't recognize anyone from The RW/RR Challenge, but that doesn't mean I can no longer enjoy the best pizza combination to ever exist on the planet. Chicken and artichoke.
I won't bore you with the details as I have already done the "how I make a pizza" thing on here, but I will tell you that I put some of my green tomatoes on a window ledge and slowly but surely they are turning red (or yellow). I had enough tomatoes to make some sauce, a leftover chicken breast, and a can of artichoke hearts that were quartered and packed in water. Throw on some fresh mozzarella, a little parmigiano reggiano, some red pepper flakes and a little pepper and...Voila!...that is one delicious pizza.


  1. I heard on NPR's Splendid Table yesterday that you should put green tomatoes in a basket with lots of airflow and a newspaper over them to ripen. I've always done the window sill thing, too. They said that allows the gases to escape that are essential to the tomato though. Things ya learn, eh?

    I won't be able to try it for a good long while though.

  2. Probably like putting unripe peaches in a paper bag. Trap the gasses in that ripen them up.