Saturday, October 10, 2009

Using Up Some of Those Apples

So I have a couple of 2 inch thick cut pork chops from Hinkebein Hills Farms that have been looking at me, begging to be used, every time I open the downstairs freezer. After arriving home with some newly acquired apples from Centennial Farms, I decide to defrost those chops, brine them, and cook them up for dinner tomorrow. Today, I will make some applesauce to serve alongside those monster-sized chops.
A couple of years ago, there was a recipe for a microwave applesauce in Everyday Food Magazine. The magazine is boxed up in the basement somewhere, and the recipe is nowhere to be found online. So I can't link it, but here's how I recreate it from memory.

Select 4 charming looking, locally grown apples.
Peel them. Cut them into 1 inch pieces and put them in a bowl.

Find a lemon half somewhere in the fridge.

Squeeze lemon over the cut apples. (That is some amazing self photography and I don't mind saying it.)

Sprinkle with a little sugar, a pinch of salt, a dash of cinnamon and a couple grinds of nutmeg.

Cover with some plastic wrap and microwave for 10 minutes.

While the apples are cooking, I will share something with you.
There are points within this blog, where I realize that by withholding certain pieces of personal information about myself, I can present myself as a little less BSC than I really am. This is one of those points. I don't need to share this info with you, but feel compelled to. Here it goes. I don't put those apple peels in the compost. I put them in a little bowl and every time I walk through the kitchen, I snack on them. The peel is possibly the best part of the apple, and just because it doesn't belong in applesauce, doesn't mean that I am going to throw it away. Its just too wasteful, and I cannot compel myself to waste a perfectly tasty apple peel.

Here's a bowl of my little snacky treats!

After 10 minutes, the apples will be tender enough to mash with a wooden spoon.

So mash em up. I stop at the mushy, yet chunky point.

I transfer the applesauce to a smaller bowl, and place in the refrigerator to chill.

This little bowl of heaven will be the perfect accompaniment for my pork chops.

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