Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday is My Favorite Day of the Week

So every Tuesday, for 20 weeks during the summer, I stop by a house over by Tower Grove Park and pick up a box of vegetables that are earmarked for me. I belong to a Community Supported Agriculture Program (CSA).
This is what the box looks like when I get it.

I am absolutely in love with my weekly box of vegetables.
Here's how a CSA program works:
We bought a share of a farm's production for the year. Well, actually, in our case, we got a half share because there are only two of us. We paid the farmers upfront, so they have needed money at the beginning of the season. Then, when fruits and vegetables start producing, the farmers divide up what they have among shareholders. If its a good season, everybody reaps the benefits. If its a more difficult season, the farmers don't go out of business. I never know whats going to show up in the box from week to week. Which is awesome because it forces me to try things like beets, or (my new fave) delicata squash.
The top picture is what was in the box today.

• Dark Red Norland Potatoes
• Yellow Onions
• Tomato
• Green and Hungarian Bell Pepper
• Banana Pepper
• Butternut Squash
• Sweet Corn
• French Radish
• Lettuce and Arugula salad mix
• Sweet Potato
• Green Beans
Our CSA is actual a co-op of two farms - Lee Farms in Truxton, MO and Yellow Wood Farms in Hermann, MO. We get weekly emails where they let us know what to expect and what happening on the farm. They also invite everyone down for an open house so we can see where our food is being made. Awesome.
I love Tuesdays.


  1. I looked into this. I will research it further as it didn't appear I had any farmers near by. I cannot believe you got all that today! Your vegetables are gorgeous! Yup - I am jealous!

  2. This inspired me to FINALLY find a CSA here on Oahu. I hope it looks half as good as yours!