Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Gave Him My Heart...He Gave Me a Turkey Sandwich

But it was a turkey sandwich from Pappy's, so it was a pretty good trade. And really it couldn't have come at a better time. The Captain was out at a business lunch and I was out in the garden, picking dead branches off my tomato plants, thinking about how starting a "seasonal" food blog on the first day of fall was not such a brilliant idea, and thinking about how my garden was dying before my eyes and how I don't have a job and how in a couple weeks I am going to have absolutely NOTHING to do with myself.
And then he appeared, paper bag in hand. He brought me a turkey sandwich. Now that, is love.
If you've never been to Pappy's, its a ridiculously good bbq joint in midtown, right by SLU. They smoke the meat all night and when they sell out the next day, they close up. Leftovers are not served at Pappy's. I find it a particularly nice touch that if you get a sandwich to go, they pack the meat and the bun separately so that the bread doesn't get ooky.

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