Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Million Little Yeastes

Is probably how my mother and sister are going to refer to my previous entry. There has been some confusion regarding my yeast related memoirs.

As a matter of clarification, I would like to acknowledge that in elementary school I also had a yeast themed science fair project. My mother and sister helped me with it. And by helped, I mean that they did the project for me after I threw a tantrum and went to the movies with Tricia L. That yeast project was an award winner. Upon prompting, I vividly remember the delightful little rolls they made.

The previous entry refers to my 7th grade attempt to recreate that award winning project. I am deeply sorry if any feelings were hurt by my memory lapse.

Now come over and make some rolls for me.



  1. You are too funny.

  2. We Love you our Baby Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hmm. I have a hunch who the 2nd anonymous is. I love you too, Mom!