Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Today was a busy day. I spent a lot of time in the garden pulling lettuce that had turned bitter, replanting the lettuce real estate, and fertilizing (fish emulsion - gross). Then I came inside and stood over a boiling pot of water while I canned pickles. I decided to relax at the pool (oh my God it was hot) afterwards. When I got home, I looked into a fridge that was stocked with Schlafly Summer Lager and Simply Lemonade and decided the time was right to make a shandy.

lager beer
lemon wedge

This one's pretty easy. Take an ice filled glass. Fill halfway with lemonade. Top with lager. Stir. Garnish. Sip. Relax.

Man oh man this is refreshing.

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  1. Way back, when I was in high school, our refreshing summer drink of choice was the Strip and Go Naked:

    1 liter of cheap vodka
    12 pack lager/light beer
    2 pitchers of lemonade made from crappy concentrate

    Mix well.
    Get Naked.

    It was actually pretty tasty. And it certainly worked well ;-)