Sunday, November 1, 2009

Marconi and Daggett

Even if you've never been to Marconi and Daggett, if you're in St. Louis, there's a good chance you've enjoyed products or services that have originated from this quiet intersection on The Hill. Two business that I consider crucial to my cooking are located there. Bertarelli Cutlery and Di Gregorio's Market. These guys supply and service lots of restaurants around town, and luckily, are open to the public as well.

I didn't buy a good knife until about 7 years ago. I don't know what took me so long, but I know back then I didn't enjoy cooking (well specifically prepping) nearly as much as I do now. Having the proper tool has made all the difference. In addition to selling an awesome selection of knives at competitive prices, Bertarelli can sharpen them as well. Usually while you wait. But waiting can be dangerous. They sell other things too. Like enameled cast iron lasagna pans and juicers, and the coolest cutting boards, and pans, and clear ice makers for the counter top, and Viking Mixers. Nice things without the crazy sales ladies that make you feel like a bad homemaker (Williams Sonoma, I'm looking at you.) These guys are busy sharpening knives. If you need help, they'll stop and help you. Otherwise, you're free to take your time and look around without any pressure.

The Bertarelli's sharpen the knives of lots of restaurants around town, and on top of that, they are just cool guys. (Maybe there's just something inherently cool about people who sharpen knives, I don't know.) They are a local, family owned business. There's more info about them at

I don't know where to start when want to talk about Di Gregorio's. I love this place. Their selection of olive oil and balsamic vinegars is unparalleled in St. Louis. It is the only place where I buy parmigiano reggiano (where it is surprisingly cheaper than in grocery stores.) If you want imported tomatoes, they've got more than just one brand. Each variety with a prettier can than the last. They look like works of art to me. Seriously. Let see, imported, domestic and locally made cheeses, meats and pastas. Gnocchi paddles and pickle pickers. Tuaca. Bread. Spices. If its Italian, and you want it, chances are Di Gregorio's has it. They also supply lots of local restaurants. More info about them here:
(As a side note, when I was in Di Gregorio's the other day, I noticed a huge metal tank with a spigot behind the deli counter. It was a vat of olive oil. They've got a system set up kind of like propane exchange. The first time you buy the bottle and the oil. On successive visits, you bring back the bottle and they fill you up at a discount. A super efficient form of recycling and food mixed together? You know I love that. I plan on taking advantage of that program when I finish with my current bottle of oil.)


  1. I usually go to Viviano's, but I'm going to go to DiGregorio's the next time I hit up and Italian market, just because of the olive oil thing. Seriously, that's so awesome. Thanks for the info!

  2. I've been looking for a great knife sharpening place - I'm noticing some slippage in one of my knives. Thanks so much!!

  3. I miss The Hill!
    2 years ago I got knives for Christmas. From Doc, my in-laws and my own parents. I love great knives! We recently found a butcher/processor that will sharpen ours. But I've not used ALL of them yet.... I asked for ONE great chef's knife, I got more than I wished for.... (But you can never have too many, can you?) LOL