Saturday, November 7, 2009

Del's Lemonade Cocktail

The warm weather today made me think a frozen cocktail would be nice for my happy hour beverage. I think I got inspired when I was at Soulard today and walked past the Slush Puppy stand. I wasn't particularly in the mood to drink vodka at 1 pm today. Or drink whatever it is that they put in the Slush Puppy mix. But it got my brain working.

When I was in Providence this summer, I developed a slight addiction to this frozen lemonade that they sell out of carts on the street. Del's. Oh God. It's fantastic. There are little chunks of lemon zest in its tart frozen goodness. Anyway, one of the Italian grocers on Federal Hill had a bucket of the mix for sale. So I bought it for home consumption. Its not as good as the stuff out of the cart, but, heck, its still good.

So the genesis of my Del's cocktail came from me talking to one of the cart guys in Providence. We were talking about which liquor would be the best add in to the Del's frozen lemonade. He tells me "It's rum, believe me, I've experimented." I had just a little bit of rum left in the bottle, so I believe it was meant to be.
Take one packet of Del's lemonade mix, add that to 2 cups of ice, whatever was left in the bottom of the rum bottle (picture taken after I put it in the blender), and a little less than a cup of water.


Add some cut up lemons and enjoy on an oddly hot fall day. This makes enough for two drinks.

For more information about Del's, check out their website at


  1. That looks awesome. You're totally right, little bits of lemon zest make lemonade a whole different world.

  2. Someone on stlbites suggested I try the Del's. And she was right. It definately will leave you craving more. Its more towards that tart side on the lemonade scale. I like my lemonade to make me pucker.