Monday, November 23, 2009

Bacon Wrapped Herb Stuffed Chicken Breasts

This is another one of those use up what I got around the house/garden recipes. I started by grabbing some sage, green onion, and parsley out of the garden. I chopped it up with some garlic.Then I took a couple of chicken breasts, and sliced them horizontally from the thick middle to the outside (both sides, not going all the way through) to open them up like a french doors. Then I covered them with plastic wrap, and pounded them flat(ter) with a piece of marble. I don't have a mallet. I should lie and say I used a mallet for the sake of simplicity. Who pounds chicken with a marble sample?

Anyway, once they were flattened out a bit, I seasoned them with some salt and pepper...

and put some butter and my chopped herbs in the center.

Then I folded them up like a burrito, wrapped them each in a couple strips of bacon, and toothpicked them up to hold them together. I put them in a hot pan that had a little bit of olive oil in it to start the cooking.

I browned on all four sides, to give the bacon a head start on crispiness and then put the pan in the oven for about 20 minutes to finish cooking.

Here's what they looked like, just out of the oven.

After a few minutes of resting time, I sliced them up.

I have to say that they were pretty good, except for the fact that they garlic still had a raw taste to it when I ate it. I have since made it again and used roasted garlic for the herb stuffing (didn't take pics that time, sorry) and it was much more tasty with the roasted stuff.


  1. Looks tasty not like you not to roast the galic. That opening the chicker is called butterfly Me the big Chef Ha.

  2. You are correct. You know whats really funny? I was thinking "my brain isn't working today, I probably shouldn't post anything" but I did. I was having the hardest time trying to think of that word or describe the technique.

  3. Your brain is fine. I know you know the term just teasing!! love you

  4. Yummo Teg. I made Chili Cheese dogs. Boring, but I'm laying low this week. (And yes, it was Organic!) LOL