Friday, April 23, 2010

Ginger Lemon Martini

I feel like I am on the backside of a trend because I keep seeing this Domaine de Canton at all the restaurants around town and I keep meaning to try it, but I never do. Not wanting to have this cool new booze trend completely pass me by, I seized the opportunity to try it at a Thai restaurant in Charleston, SC. We had just bellied up to the bar (after putting our name on a waitlist - they didn't accept reservations) and I spied the familiar bottle that I kept meaning to try. I asked the bartender to make me some kind of cocktail with it, his choice. Of course I didn't see exactly what brand of sake or what amounts he put in, but this is my home version of what he made:

Ginger Lemon Martini (makes 2)
4.5 ounces of Domaine de Canton
4.5 ounces of dry sake
juice of one lemon

Chill two martini glasses with ice and water.

In a shaker, mix Canton, sake and lemon juice. Give it 20 shakes.

(Knowing nothing about sake, I totally guessed at Randall's. My guess was good!)

Strain into chilled glasses and garnish with a twist.

With its ginger lemon goodness, it's a perfect cocktail for summer. Beware though. It's almost all booze and it'll sneak up on you.

Canton is also delicious mixed with green tea on the rocks and when used to fortify an unoaked white like a nice Sauvignon Blanc.


  1. the stuff is the bomb. I love, love, love it. Being lost at sea, I'd not heard of this trend. We were bopping about the local liquor store (I should take photos of that place - it's an oddity in and of itself) and found it plopped near the lemoncello. We now keep a bottle in the fridge at all times. Cold and straight up is an excellent apertif and mixed is beautiful too. I am definitely going to have to try it with the Sake! YUM!

  2. Made them last night. Super pucker power. Mine were very acidic. Could have just been the lemon I used, I suppose. I tend to buy large ones. I think I'd probably rim the glass with some vanilla sugar next time, too. A dash of fresh ground nutmeg on the top would be yummy as well.